The o6 Brand

The o6 brand was first used in old  Indianola, on the Gulf Coast during the Republic of Texas. The brand was owned by Captain W.E. Jones, and was acquired around the year 1837 by David L. Kokernot. He was the great-grandfather of Herbert L. Kokernot, Jr. and the great-great grandfather of Mary Ann Kokernot Lacy, the present owner of the brand. 

The o6 brand was registered in many south and west Texas counties, and was worn by many thousands of cattle throughout the years. The o6 brand reached Brewster, Jeff Davis, and Pecos Counties with the coming of the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1882. 

The late H.L. Kokernot Sr., then a young cattle man, along his uncle John Kokernot, jumped their cattle from the railroad cars onto the open gramma grass ranges of Murpheysville, which was later changed to Alpine. Thus starting the famous Davis Mountains Kokernot o6 ranch. At times more than 35,000 cattle were carrying the o6 brand on the Kokernot ranges, grazing approximately 400,000 acres of grass lands. 

Their Hereford cattle were well known for their fine quality, being bought for many consecutive years by the same feeders. The Kokernots rate high among the families who have been continuously in the cattle business on a large scale over a great many years.


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